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we need your help in telling our county’s story.

To properly tell the story of our county, we need your help to inform us of the stories that make you feel proud to be a part of the Nowata County community. These are the type of stories that will make outsiders want to visit, live and work in our county. Helping us further grow our county and its economic well-being.

We have 5 major rules for story ideas. If your story idea passes those 5 major rules, then fill out the form below and we’ll give it a shot to be featured on the Nowata.com newsfeed.

Any further questions can be addressed by sending an email to info@nowataoklahoma.wpengine.com.


[one_half]Rules for Submitting Story Ideas to Nowata.com[/one_half]

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  • Tell us about a cool business, organization, event or feel good story that makes you proud to be a Nowata County citizen and that you want other citizens and potential citizens to know about Nowata County.