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Start a Business

Steps to Consider

Do you have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)?
This 9-digit code is used by businesses in order to classify and identify them as a taxpayer, for banking services and other official and legal purposes. Businesses with no employees and no formal entity (sole proprietorship/partnership) may use the social security number of the owner for tax reporting. Companies with employees must have a FEIN.
How to get one: Call the IRS Business & Specialty tax line at (800) 829-4933 or visit the IRS website.

Do you want to setup a legal structure or reserve a business name?
Oklahoma Secretary of State will need to be contacted should one decide to create an entity for the business (something other than Sole Proprietor or Partnership). Here is where you will register the name and legal structure of your entity. You will find the forms on their website.

The majority of functions can be completed through the online system such as business entity registration and business name reservations.
The phone number to this agency is (405) 521-3912. They will assist in the process.

Have you registered to do business in the State of Oklahoma?
Oklahoma Tax Commission is the next step. Once registered at the Secretary of State, you will have a name and physical location and can register at the Tax Commission. The form used to register is called a Business registration Packet, and is available on their website. This form can be filled out electronically, but changes cannot be saved, so make sure you print and mail.

The phone number to Taxpayer Assistance is (405) 521-3160. The process to complete this registration process takes approximately two weeks; however, there is a walk-in expedite office that (for additional fee) can register same-day. The Oklahoma Tax Commission offers a free workshop on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month in Broken Arrow. The workshop is held from 9:00 am to noon and registration is required. Check out the business workshop website for more information.

Will you have employees?
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission will need to be contacted if you will have employees. The OESC will establish an account for reporting employees of your company, and to pay unemployment insurance (UI) on a periodic basis. You may visit the OESC website. On the homepage, under “what brings you here today?” you will see the link to “are you a business or employer”, where you’ll find the proper forms to register.
The agency phone number is (405) 557-7133. Normally this process takes approximately two weeks to complete. Employers are also required to provide workers compensation insurance for most employees. There are a few exceptions. This can be purchased through most insurance providers and through a state program called Comp Source.

Will you be handling or serving food?
Any person who for compensation engages in the preparation, serving or other related aspects of serving food to the public must go through the Nowata County Health Department.
Contact Nowata City Hall (918) 273-3538

Will your business have permanent outdoor signage?
A sign permit, will need to obtained through the specific town’s government organization, could be required for businesses or entities who will have permanent signage needs.
Contact Nowata City Hall at (918) 273-3538

Contact South Coffeyville City Hall at (918) 255-6045

If you will have a physical business location, have you considered the following?
Churches, businesses and schools are required to have regular inspections by the Fire Marshal to ensure they are up to current fire code. Contact the town’s respective Fire Marshal at

Nowata: (918) 273-3532

South Coffeyville: (918) 255-6372

Delaware:(918) 467-3218

Wann:(918) 531-2350

Lenapah:(918) 468-2400

If you are planning to build a new structure, enlarge, add to or remodel an existing structure, relocate a structure or repurpose or rezone land or an existing structure for new usage, contact the town’s government organization as you may be required to purchase a permit, or several permits, before you can begin work.

City of Nowata: (918) 273-3538

South Coffeyville: (918) 255-6045

Delaware: (918) 467-3218

Lenapah: townoflenapah@totelcsi.net

New Alluwe: (918) 475-2257

Wann: (918) 531-2254