111 N Maple St, Nowata, OK 74048

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Opportunities Await in Nowata County.

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Affordable Housing

Nowata County has a Housing Index of


Nearly 24 Points Below the National Average

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We’ve developed an overview of Nowata County’s current business landscape and workforce. This report, aptly titled “Untapped Opportunity,” serves to display the glaring opportunities for businesses and investors to thrive in Nowata County.

The report reveals numerous items that displays the county’s need for new job providers to help retain our already educated and work-ready citizenry in the county. These citizens are astoundingly, at a high rate, traveling outside of Nowata County for work on a daily-basis. According to recent figures, only 16.2% of Nowata County residents work in Nowata County-we want your help in fixing this issue.

All hands are on deck countywide to make the necessary infrastructure improvements to help current businesses grow and to help move new business and industry into Nowata County.

Our county does boast an array of infrastructure assets and a community spirit that is contagious-one that is committed to the future success of Nowata County.

Feel free to download and share the report below. If you have any questions or want to visit Nowata County for yourself, contact South Coffeyville Development directly.