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New Year. New Nowata.

New Year. New Nowata. Initiative Logo

The first step of the initiative is to have leaders fill out the New Year’s Resolution esque questions in the Community Survey to garner insight from leaders across the county on business recruitment goals, major county improvements, people empowerment, and cultivating the one thing that they believe is most crucial to impacting positive change in 2016.

Using Feedback to Fuel Growth – After all forms have been collected the results will be posted for the community and initiative participants to view. While the next step will involve dialog and strategic steering based on form feedback to craft countywide goals for 2016 and plans to achieve said goals in 2016. These are the goals and plans that will help steer the collaborative efforts of county leadership, city/town leadership, chamber and non-profit organizations to make 2016 a year of positive growth for Nowata County.

If you have any questions or happen to have issues with filling out the initial Community Survey, please contact anthony@nowata.com.

New Year. New Nowata. is an initiative to engage leaders of change countywide in strategic planning and vision setting for a more productive countywide collaboration to influence change, both social and economic. Simply put, to make 2016 a year of continued progress for the improvement of our shared home, Nowata County.

Our first step is to survey the community, its leaders and citizens on business and social issues. Please take 15-30 minutes to fill out the Community Survey.