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Grow Nowata Releases Opportunity Report

[quote]”Only 16.2% of Nowata County residents actually work in Nowata County. We have to address this issue for continued economic growth”-Anthony Tucker, Grow Nowata[/quote]

Our friends at Grow Nowata have released the county’s first demographic and workforce report. This report basically serves to reveal the opportunities available in the county to potential investors-helping attract new business to the area.

The report vividly displays the current status of the county in the terms of the type of businesses that exist in the county and the people who work at the those businesses. This data helps reveal potential opportunities that current or new businesses could provide a solution for. While the report also helps county and municipal government leadership analyze and access information that displays areas of improvement needed for future growth of the county.

This report is a continuation of Grow Nowata’s efforts to make the entire county more business friendly.

Grow Nowata worked with the Innovation Center at Rogers State University to collect the economic data for the report. While, the county entrusted Anthony Tucker to develop the report’s vision, design and to hire local vendors for other services needed. These services were funded by a grant provided by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO). The same PSO grant that was used to develop the county’s new website, Nowata.com, and countywide branding system.

To learn more about the recent upswing in economic growth in the county visit GrowNowata.com. To view report for yourself, see below.


The Opportunity Report-Nowata County

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