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Our Mission: The Nowata.com website exists to engage current citizens, support local businesses, and to tell the story of our county to the outside world (Potential Citizens & Businesses). We want current citizens to reconnect and to fall in love with their county once again. We businesses to know that we are growing and that we want their business and jobs in Nowata County. We are developing our county through a holistic approach-improving quality of life, rejuvenating our population, and recruiting new businesses to fill tax dollar deficiencies (Reasons why people spend money outside of the county) and grow the job market.

To best build and market Nowata County, we need partners.

What Does Nowata.com Mean For My Business: Nowata.com is the official website for Nowata County. It’s the only website earmarked to connect and support local Nowata County businesses and citizens.

It’s where Nowata County residents get engaged with local events, get updates on new jobs and businesses, local businesses get support, and is the first engagement with potential relocating citizens and businesses. Managed by the Nowata Area Chamber of Commerce, we send all inquires for information about our community to the website.

On a marketing standpoint, if you have a business that serves Nowata County, it’s the most efficient and effective way to reach your audience-your potential customers.

Where the Money Goes: Every dollar invested by Nowata.com partners goes back into marketing and growing Nowata County’s economy. In return for your investment, you gain unrivaled access to Nowata County’s citizens and businesses.

Partnership Levels

Basic Partnership

You Receive: Business Profile on Nowata.com’s “Business & Places” Section

This Means You Get: Business Logo or Photo, Basic Business Description-What You Do, Contact Information, Google Maps Directions, and Website & Social Media Links.

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$75 per month

Strategic Partnership

You Receive: Everything From Basic Partnership (See Above) + Nowata.com Homepage Logo Recognition as “Strategic Partner” + Logo & Link on Weekly Nowata County Email Newsletter

You Stay Connected With Developing Our Local Economy: Strategic Partner Only Emails With Advanced Notice of Events and Economic Development Initiatives, and Invites to Monthly Community Development Meetings.

Discounts on Other Nowata Chamber Program Sponsorships: 20% off of Other Nowata Chamber Sponsorships

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$375 per month

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 After you signup, one of our team members will contact you and get the information we need to get your partnership live on Nowata.com. Remember, all partnership dollars raised go back to improving Nowata County.

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